“You’ll never get nowhere smokin’ the pipe!”

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James Salton of Prayer House of Deliverance
Local Memphis Commercial for Up From the World on WLMT UPN 30.
This commercial played for years and was famous among locals.

“Get dope out your vein
and hope in your brain.
You’ll never get nowhere
smokin’ the pipe.
You wanna get your lesson out
and wanna be smart in school?
Get rid of the drugs.
Get away from the in crowd.
Get’a close to God.”

Kallistos Ware – The Inner Meaning of the Divine Liturgy

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His Excellency Metropolitan Kallistos Ware is entertaining questions following his presentation on “The Inner Meaning of the Divine Liturgy” held on February 19, 2011 at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. Next to His Excellency is his host, Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit.

Bigrigtravels Live! Burley to near Pocatello, Idaho Interstates 84 and 86 July 18, 2016

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GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist

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The ‘Insane and opaque’ Tax bill had no hearings, no independent experts, only lobbyists informed this bill. It will blow up the deficit and gut social programs, explains economist and white collar criminologist, Bill Black

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Coyote Hunting with Thermal – 13 Coyotes Down with the ATN ThOR Thermal Scope

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Coyote hunting in South Dakota with O’Neill Ops. Not only are the guys from O’Neil Ops expert predator hunters who have pioneered and mastered the art of coyote hunting suppressed, but they are also 4th-generation farmers and ranchers who have a duty to protect the cattle that they raise for our food. For them, predator hunting is not merely a sport, but a way of life.

James O’Neil has been hunting and shooting since he was 4 years-old. He started out helping skin coyotes with his father when pelts brought a 100 dollars a piece, and eventually learned how to call coyotes with his father and grandfather during coyote calling competitions.

After years of honing his skills at predator calling and hunting during the day, O’Neil helped pave the way for hunters in South Dakota to be able to use thermal and night vision optics to effectively hunt predators at night.

O’Neil played an important role in helping to convince the South Dakota legislature to allow private land owners to use of night vision and thermal scopes in conjunction with calibers under .225 inches in diameter.

The change in the size of rifle rounds allowed for use with NV and thermal imaging is significant because one of the most popular varmint hunting rifle rounds uses a .223 caliber bullet. The .223 caliber bullet is also the most widely used caliber in AR-15 style modern sporting rifles.

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